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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Backyard Burials Alive and Well

It's more than just saving money, according to the New York Times ... burials are taking on more of a DIY aspect.

An excerpt:

A growing number of families are deciding against funeral homes and cemeteries, the New York Times reports. Many have decided to care for their dead at home, which they say gives them more dignity—and saves money in the process ...


Joan said...

It's about time. It has been obscene what funeral homes have been able to force people into, pressuring them into expensive options during a stressful time. The incredible thing is that they have laws supporting them that make no sense at all.

ericsomething said...

Joan, you're right. It's an industry that takes advantage of folks when they're most vulnerable, and guilt-trips 'em into buying. While I posted this entry in a tongue-in-cheek moment, I was still being serious -- which you caught.