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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hipster PDA: Getting mileage from index cards

What's that in my pocket?

It's only a stack of index cards, but man, does it get a following from the geeky and GTD crowd.

An excerpt:

It's simple enough to assemble: 1) Grab some index cards and 2) Clip them together with the binder clip. That's it. As Mann puts it in his website, there is no Step 3 ... it's a whole lot fancier than the old Redneck PDA, and it's easier to share information with someone (i.e. give him an index card, which is easier than chopping off your hand). And unlike the old PDA (or smartphones, which picked up where the PDA technology left off) you don't have to worry about batteries, system crashes, or the usual electonics catastrophes.

From Hubpages: Check it out -- if for no other reason than to find out what a Redneck PDA is.